Georgia Tech College of Computing
Research Subversion Repositories

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is

    It's the hostname of this SVN server. Use this parameter to access an SVN repo that lives on this server. This new server will eventually replace the older server.

  2. Do I really need an SVN instance?

    For small projects, we recommend that you just create a repository in either a shared project file system or in one of the team members' UNIX home directory. You can then access the repository via ssh.

  3. How do I request an SVN instance?

    Please use the online request form located here:

  4. Can I get an SVN instance for my class?

    Not on this server. But, there is an instructional SVN service available for use in classes. Information can be found on the TSO web site.

  5. OK, I have an SVN what?

    You can access it through or by using an SVN client with similar parameters.

  6. What SVN GUI clients do you recommend?

    At the moment, we don't have any recommendations. Let us know what your favorite is and why and we'll add it here.

  7. How do I create a user?

    The person who requested the SVN repo should have received a howto that covers this topic. If you cannot locate that howto, let us know and we will resend it to you.

  8. How do I delete a user?

    Reverse the instructions for creating a user in the howto mentioned previously.

  9. Can I create accounts for non-GT users?

    Yes, but make sure they are engaged in legitmate GT business, otherwise the access would be inappropriate.

  10. I'm having trouble with the SVN server....who do I notify?

    If you experience problems with the SVN server, send a detailed description to the TSO Help Desk (helpdesk@cc).

  11. I want to volunteer to help manage the SVN server....what do I do?

    Great! Please express your interest to Randy Carpenter (randy@cc).